April Showers Bring May Insurance Claims

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April Showers Bring May Insurance Claims

Spring brings warmer temperatures and a chance to get back in the garden, but in the Midwest, we know all too well how spring also brings storms and damaging winds. Insurance to protect your home (one of your most valuable investments) is a no-brainer, but do you know what to do when mother nature punches a hole in your roof?

Triangle DJ Contractors simplifies the confusing insurance claim process in 5 easy-to-understand steps.

1. Get a Free Storm Damage Assessment

Call Triangle DJ Contractors for a FREE storm damage assessment. A certified TDJ Project Manager will inspect your home from roof to foundation making sure no damage slips through the cracks (causing more issues later.) We use pricing from Xactimate, a pricing guideline program used by most insurance companies. Xactimate is considered to reflect fair and reasonable pricing.

2. Receive a Claim Number

Contact your insurance company to let them know Triangle DJ Contractors has provided you with a storm damage assessment. The insurance company will assign you a claim number.

3. Schedule Insurance Inspection

Your insurance company will contact your assigned adjuster. This adjuster will then contact you to schedule an appointment to assess the storm damage to your home. This appointment will generally take place within 1-10 days.

4. Meet the Adjuster

Your TDJ Project Manager has your back and wants to see your home returned to its pre-storm glory as quickly as possible. Contact TDJ Contractors when this adjuster appointment is scheduled (even if it is very short notice). Your TDJ Project Manager will attend the appointment and work with your adjuster to settle your claim promptly. We want to be there to introduce ourselves and ensure your adjuster recognizes all damage. After this meeting, your TDJ Project Manager will follow-up with you within 7 days.

5. Compare Notes

Call your TDJ Contractors Project Manager when you receive the estimate of damage from your insurance company. If your insurance estimate does not reflect similar pricing to TDJ Contractors estimate, that’s ok. We are generally able to resolve pricing issues with your insurance company if given the opportunity.

Please contact Triangle DJ Contractors at any time with any questions, comments or concerns. We are here to help make this process easier for you. You may contact your project manager or our headquarters.


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